DominicalFor many years, Dominical was a quiet community of fishermen and farmers. Even today, the daily catch arrives on pangas at daybreak and an occasional cattle drive will hold up traffic on the Costanera (the coastal highway).

There are few hotels and lodges and no towns of any size. If you look closely, you see the occasional home nestled in the jungle covered mountainside. The village of Dominical, the largest town in the area, is unmistakably a laid-back surfing community exemplifying the southern coast's "Pura Vida" attitude, complete with dirt roads, surf shacks, t-shirt shops, and beach vendors.

Over time, the Dominical area became – and still is – a mecca for surfers, fishermen, and naturalists alike. As the word spread about the Dominical area's dramatic coastline and idyllic lushness, development has come. But, many of these developers and investors have defined their visions for the future with a commitment to sustainable development. This kind of harmony and unified vision sets Dominical apart from other development areas in Costa Rica and around the world.


Dominical has an eclectic mix of pre-retirees, ex-pats, surfers, Costa Rican locals, Americans, Canadians and Europeans; a truly global village immersed in the authentic, relaxed Latin culture of warm hospitality that makes life here so refreshing and alive. Despite the international cast of characters, the area is not crowded. You can be all alone on a beach, or hike through the jungle and not meet another person all day.


It is a short drive from Dominical to two different airports. Our proximity to Manuel Antonio National Park, the most-visited tourist destination in the country, means we benefit from the transportation infrastructure that exists there, with many buses, private shuttles and cars for hire. We are located on the best highway in all of Costa Rica; the next stretch leading to Manuel Antonio is about to be paved, meaning many more people are about to discover Domincal and this rare real estate opportunity.

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