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Lindsay Araya

Lindsay Araya Lindsay Araya
Office Manager


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I am a native of Costa Rica, born in Pérez Zeledón, I studied tourism (food and beverage) in the Técnico Profesional San Isidro high school, and then I studied English Linguistics at the University of Costa Rica. I am bilingual in Spanish and English with a kind and excellent customer service to give my best, and with this manner help people around me. My work history includes the organization of private events in hotels, the teaching of the English language and I worked for veil resorts in Colorado, USA. In addition, I am pleased to help you to find a paradise that you will call home. My passion is nature, and my best time is with my family.

Ian Lynch

Ian Lynch Ian Lynch
Owner & Broker
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C.R. Office: +506.2787.0187
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Skype: surfcostrica

I graduated from the University of Colorado, and then spent several years working in real estate in Colorado. During this time, I competed in the professional whitewater kayaking circuit and made my first trip to Costa Rica with my sponsor and teammates in 1999. It was love at first sight and I have been living 'where the grass is greener' ever since. When I discovered the pristine South Pacific region of Costa Rica, I found my destiny and the place my dreams would manifest into reality. During the past 7+ years of living and working in the Dominical area, I have acquired an in depth knowledge of properties as well as solidified integral relationships within the local community.

June 2011 Market Update


We are now about half way through 2011 here in the tranquil southern pacific zone. As many of the optimists have predicted, we have been experiencing a boost in Real Estate sales. However, as expected, our current market does not resemble the activity we saw in 2007, before the “crisis”. So then what is selling these days?? There is a combination of characteristics that all sales seem to share in one way or another. They are all HOT DEALS!! Hot deals can be categorized in three main areas; desperation sales, unique properties, and irreplaceable house sales.

Fire Sales or “desperation sales” are of the vast majority of the properties selling. With a surplus of properties for sale, and a lack of buyers, sellers are forced to lower their prices to meet the demand. Many sellers have no choice but to sell, and therefore are having to take a loss on their investment. Those whom are more financially liquid have been taking advantage of these “desperation sales” and securing land for future use. The most common of the “deportation sales” are ocean view lots priced under $150,000. As result of a booming market that rapidly spiraled into a recession, many desperate developers have been left with no choice but to sell for next to nothing prices.

“Unique” properties are also selling. By unique, I’m referring to an aspect of a property that is rare, and really only exist in small numbers. For example, a property that has a waterfall within its boundaries, a property that shares boundary lines with a national park, or a spectacular view that cannot be duplicated. Due to the fact that there are a limited number of these properties left in Costa Rica, there will always be someone seeking that rarity.

Along with “deportation sales” and “unique property sales” are houses that cannot be replaced for the same price. By this I mean that the current market price of the lot plus the price of the construction/materials that went into the house are greater than the final sales price of the total package. In many cases, these are family vacation homes in which the families need to sell due to financial constraints.

For more information on the current “HOT DEALS” visit our website at www.greenleafcostarica.com.

Intro to Green Leaf Costa Rica

Green Leaf Costa Rica is a boutique real estate company located in Dominical, the entrance to the pristine southern pacific zone of Costa Rica. Dominical's unique geography showcases an abundance of virgin rainforest, dramatic ocean views, waterfalls, rivers, unspoiled beaches and overwhelming biodiversity. Green Leaf is dedicated to relocation and investment in the South Pacific area of Costa Rica, better known as the Costa Ballena or Whale Coast.

For various reasons, we have all chosen to live in this part of Costa Rica.  Ivannia Zuniga, our office manager, was lucky enough to be born here and while she  has traveled extensively, has chosen to stay.  Ian Lynch, owner of Green Leaf loves this area for the investment and business opportunities it has to offer among many other reasons. Trevor Brown, broker and sales director, came for the surf, saw the beauty and uniqueness of the area, and chose not to leave.  Annie Drake, marketing manager and sales agent, had been to 53 countries, but realized that she was home when she came to Southern Costa Rica.




The “Whale Coast” is a very unique and diverse location.  The people here, both local and foreigners, love it for many different reasons.  Some love the intense beauty of the rain forest with its ancient trees, variety of birds and animals, and the healthy life style choices that it offers.  Others enjoy the intense activities found here such as, surfing, white water rafting, deep sea fishing, and scuba diving. While many simply find great enjoyment by relaxing in an atmosphere that brings all types of different cultures together from countries worldwide.


However, it is not the choice for everyone.  We want our clients to have that full appreciation of what this area offers and its limitations before making any decisions about relocating or investing in the Real Estate.  So we are emphasizing local travel, familiarization of the “Whale Coast” area, and education on lifestyles for many different types of people.  While we remain a small boutique style company, many other services are now offered to help our clients make a well informed choice before deciding on this area.  We hope that you will love and enjoy it as much as we do and for your own reasons decide to call it your home!


Green Leaf is now teaming up with Costa Ballena (Whale Coast) Travel to offer our clients the best travel and rental deals, enabling you to spend more time here at more affordable prices.  We are providing orientation tours for groups and individuals interested in learning about the area and emerging themselves into the culture.  We encourage you to visit and spend time here and get to know us.  David and Sandra Rodgers were clients who bought a home here and decided to open their business, specializing in the Whale Coast.




Each month, our newsletter Green Leaf Lifestyles will send you an informative, yet brief message. This message will include information about relocation, investments, banking, rentals, and travel. Stay up to date with local events and personal stories to help facilitate any decisions about renting, relocating, or purchasing real estate.  It will also include special deals, featured properties and businesses along with suggestions about starting your new enterprises.

Edwin van den Berg

After several years of searching with other brokers, Jesse Angel found the right property for our hotel in Uvita... in one day. He followed up professionally and is a pleasure to work with overall. He is very honest and will go out of his way for his clients. Highly recommended.

--Edwin van den Berg, President, Oxygen Jungle Villas

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