Rebecca Jean Alonzi

Partner at Green Leaf Realty

  • Service Areas: Dominical, Costa Rica
  • Specialties: Property management, Real estate development

About Rebecca Jean Alonzi

Rebecca Jean is a seasoned professional in service to the betterment of people and the planet through ancient and innovative technologies. As a former chef, she has a passion for local culinary arts and insider knowledge on the best dining in the region. Rebecca thrives on community and team building, attracting top talent and alchemizing opportunities to create unimaginable outcomes. A momma to three beautiful babies, Rebecca Jean can help you find the right fit to raise your own family in the area. “I believe in hard work, a solid game plan, and a wild vision to birth the dream beyond the dream. In an activated flow state, everyone wins by giving their gifts, working together, and striving for what can only be felt, partially seen – but never fully known until the moment it is realized.”

Language: English, Spanish

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